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FluXXWorks is about understanding and applying creativity in design innovation. We do this by sharing our knowledge and insights with clients in collaborations, creating value and inspiration. Our approach to innovation is simple and effective and can therefore be readily managed and delivered whatever the innovation challenge is.

FluXXWorks have developed unique design based knowledge and insights for leadership in the early phase of innovation. This strategic approach to innovation means that maximum value is generated in the early stages and repays the investment in time by building real confidence and speeding up the process later on. The resultant effect of working this way is to avoid expensive delays in the later stages, caused by “unforeseen” issues.

Design Innovation is simple.

The basic requirements for innovation are:

  1. Creative minds with the freedom to create
  2. A robust design innovation process
  3. Simple tools, resources and facilities

Together these three elements form the Innovation Culture that is essential for successful innovation. The FluXXWorks innovation leadership is able to demonstrate how to develop, foster and manage this culture and how to make it thrive.

The Sinclair FM Radio Watch

The Sinclair FM Radio Watch. The world’s most compact FM radio watch with integral aerial. One of “Fifty Watches that Changed the World” (From the book by Alex Newson of the Design Museum London 2015, ISBN 978-1-84091-679-9).

Europe’s first digital mobile telephone

Europe’s first digital mobile telephone, much smaller and lighter than other phones. This design reduced the mobile telephone from the size of a brick to a product that would fit in a shirt pocket and paved the way for the mobile telephone market.

Carbon composite structural lifeboat davit

Carbon composite structural lifeboat davit shown in early phase concept sketch. FluXXWorks was able to demonstrate how steel could be replaced by composites in heavily loaded structures, as well as reducing weight and eliminating corrosion, maintenance and lifetime costs.

Seaway Innovations

CargoCat fully automated cargo ship. Concept development and visualisation in collaboration with Fearsomengine.
CargoCat fully automated cargo ship. Concept development and visualisation in collaboration with Fearsomengine.

Our collaborations with Seaway Innovations has resulted in a range of new concepts for sustainable, efficient and competitive sea transport of both people and cargo. The innovations include fully automated cargo handling, use of zero emission Hydrogen Fuel Cells and novel new propulsion systems for different ship types.

Together these point the way for the future of sea transport: Profitable, competitive and environmentally sustainable.

80 m high diving tower for lifeboats​

Early phase innovation concept sketch for an 80m high diving tower for testing of free fall lifeboats. The objective was to avoid the costs of hiring a large floating crane for each launch. The proposed concept was based on exploiting the emergent technology for construction of wind turbine masts. This would be achieved by adjusting the manufacturing parameters and the completed tower delivered by sea.

Composite stainless steel panel

Composite stainless steel panel increasing rigidity, saving costs and 70% of weight. The technology by Compusteel Oy in Finland, exploits the step and repeat dimple forming process which create extremely rigid panels by welding or adhesive bonding the corresponding dimples to each other. The stainless sheets can be very thin, typically 0.7 – 1 mm yet possess great rigidity compared to flat sheets of the combined thickness.

Propulsion control lever prototype

Propulsion control lever prototype designed for ease of use and long term comfort. Hand fatigue is a serious issue that can be reduced or eliminated by emphatic design. This design resulted from dialogues with numerous ship captains from a range of market segments and ship types. This work eventually led to the Red Dot Design Award, the Best of the Best in 2013 for the design team.

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Product Design